Discriminatory Analysis of Adopters and Non adopters of Kitchen Gardening in Punjab

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  • Simrat Pal
  • Ravinder Kaur


Adopters, Analysis, Discriminatory, Kitchen gardening, Non adopters


Kitchen gardening provides fresh and organic vegetables and fruits which are more nutritious and have presence of higher amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals present in the body system and minimize the chances of occurrence of degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, memory loss, paralysis etc. Social benefits of home gardens include enhancing food and nutritional security in many socio-economic and political situations, improving family health and human capacity, empowering women and preserving indigenous knowledge and culture. The present study was conducted with the objective to study the discriminatory analysis of adopters and non-adopters of kitchen gardening. This study selected the two villages and comprised of households as respondents who were adopting or not adopting the kitchen gardening. Thus, a total of 145 respondents from both the villages comprised the sample of the study. The data were collected through personal interview method with the help of a structured schedule. Results showed a significantly difference between adopters and non-adopters at 5 per cent level of significance. Adopters were less young than the non-adopters. Adopters were more educated than the non-adopters. Adopters had bigger family size than non-adopters. Results also showed that adopters had higher mass media exposure than non-adopters. Special motivational programmes about kitchen gardening should be organised for the involvement of women; so that more women should get attracted towards kitchen gardening and demonstration plots of kitchen gardening should be maximised to attract the community. The sale centres should be maximised for the easier access of the community at village level.






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