Knowledge Level of the Farmers about Hybrid Rice Cultivation in Jammu District

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  • Rashmeet Kour PhD Scholar
  • P. S Slathia Professor, Agril Extension, SKUAST(J), Chatha, Jammu
  • Rajinder Peshin
  • Bhagwati Charan Sharma
  • Abhijit Samanta
  • Rakesh Kumar


Knowledge level, Hybrid rice, ANOVA, Cultivation practices, Proportionate Random sampling.


Hybrid rice technology is crucial for securing the food security of the burgeoning population of India. The study carried out in 2021 aims to assess the knowledge level of farmers regarding hybrid rice technology. Three specifically chosen sub-divisions of Jammu District; Marh, Akhnoor, and R.S Pura, having the cultivation of hybrid rice and using the proportionate and purposive random techniques 38 from R.S Pura, 13 from Akhnoor and 99 respondents from Marh, making a total sample size of 150 hybrid rice growers. A standardized knowledge test with reliability 0.86, was developed for assessing the knowledge level of hybrid rice growers. The Cube root method was applied to devise different knowledge categories of hybrid rice growers, which varied from medium to high. According to the results of the ANOVA test, there was no discernible difference between the knowledge levels of hybrid rice growers in the three sub-divisions.

Author Biographies

  • P. S Slathia, Professor, Agril Extension, SKUAST(J), Chatha, Jammu

    Professor, Agricultural Extension Education, FOA Skuast Jammu 

  • Rajinder Peshin

    Professor and Head, Agricultural Extension Education, FOA, Skuast Jammu 

  • Bhagwati Charan Sharma

    Professor and Head, Agronomy, FOA, Skuast Jammu 

  • Abhijit Samanta

    Chief scientist , WMRC, Skuast-Jammu 

  • Rakesh Kumar

    FCLA, Division of Plant Pathology. FOA, skuast jammu 


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