Impact  of  Climate  Change  on  Crop  and  Dairy  Farming  in  Telangana:  Agricultural  Scientists  Perspective

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  • M Olive Phebe
  • Ritu Chakravarty
  • M Benny Joseph


Climate change has comprehensive consequences on agriculture and livestock that will directly impact farmers, the perception of Agricultural scientists concerning climate change regionally is crucial in addressing its negative impacts effectively, thus the study was purposively conducted in the state of  Telangana during  2021-2022  in nine major  Indian institutes viz.,  ICRISATCRIDAIIMRIIORNIPHM,  PJTSAUNAARM,  NIRD&PRand  MANAGE to assess the perception of  Agricultural scientists on causes of climate change,  changes in climatic parameters,  and on the impact of climate change on crop and dairy farming, random sampling procedure was followed and the total respondents for the study was  150.  Pre-tested and standardized interview schedules were used to obtain data.  The study through scientists' perception identified the most important causes of climate change,  the most observed changes in climatic parameters, and,  the greatest impact of climate change on crop and dairy farming.  The composite index developed using Principal  Component  Analysis showed that most of the respondents had a medium level of perception.  Thus, the perceptions of agricultural scientists should be tapped to their fullest potential by policymakers in framing suitable solutions for adverse climate change impacts.


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