Study on Quality - Related Constraints for Drinking and Irrigation in Ground Water of Sundarbans

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  • SISIR KUMAR SI Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology, Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Nimpith, South 24 Parganas - 743 338, West Bengal


Ground water quality, Saline water intrusion, Salinity hazard, Sundarban, Water quality index


The objective of this study was to identify the groundwater potential zones in Sundarbans for drinking and irrigation purposes by assessing the impact of ground water contamination with saline water. The analytical results show the scattered distribution of groundwater quality in Sundarbans. Most of water samples were characterised within the desirable limits of individual parameters according to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS, 2012) guidelines. On comparison with WHO standards Water Quality Index (WQI) in relation to drinking water quality, most of the samples in Sundarbans were found suitable (good category) for drinking purposes except those from the blocks of Gosaba and Patharpratima which was categorized as ‘poor’. The United States Salinity (USSL) diagram shows that the groundwater is free from sodium hazards i.e., ‘low sodium water’ but the salinity hazard was categorized as ‘high salinity water’ throughout the study area. Along with concentration of salt i.e., TDS, the ionic ratios of Mg2+/Ca2+, Na+/Cl- & Cl-/(HCO3- + CO32-) were used to identify the intrusion of saline water in the Sundarbans and the sequence of blocks from high to low degree of contamination were in the following order: Gosaba > Patharpratima > Namkhana > Sagar > Kakdeep > Mathurapur I > Mathurapur II > Kultali > Basanti > Canning I > Canning II > Joynagar I > Joynagar II.


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