The Gene Identification and Marker Assisted Selection for Introgression of important traits in barley

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  • Mohd. Ashraf Bhat
  • Mohd. Altaf Wani
  • Farooq Ahmad Bhat
  • Raihana Habib Kanth
  • Sajad Hussain
  • Noor-ul-Ain
  • Tabassum Manzoor
  • Mujtahid Ishaq


Background Selection, Conventional plant breeding, Foreground Selection,, Gene,, Marker-assisted selection.


Gene identification is the process of identifying genomic DNA regions that encode proteins. It has a wide range of applications in structural genomics, functional genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and other genetic-related studies such as genetic disorder detection, treatment and prevention. There are several methods for finding genes, including the ab-initio method (intrinsic) and the sequence similarity search. Crops are typically improved by crossing plants with desired traits, such as high yield or drought tolerance, and selecting the best offspring after multiple generations of testing. It could take 8 to 10 years to develop a new variety. Breeders are very interested in new technologies that can speed up or improve the efficiency of this process. The term "marker-assisted selection" has been used in plant breeding and genetics science since the mid-1990s. The term MAS broadly refers to all forms of selection based on genetic data. MAS is becoming increasingly important in today's world because it aids and improves plant breeding efficiency by monitoring the presence or absence of desirable genes in breeding populations. This is achieved by precisely transferring genomic regions of interest (Foreground Selection) and hastening the recovery of the recurrent parent genome (Background Selection).








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Syed, S., Bhat, M. A., Wani, M. A., Bhat, F. A., Kanth, R. H., Hussain, S., Noor-ul-Ain, Manzoor, T., & Ishaq, M. (2023). The Gene Identification and Marker Assisted Selection for Introgression of important traits in barley. Journal of Cereal Research, 15(1).

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