Effects of floor space on the productivity of broilers in the wet humid tropics of South Western Nigeria

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  • WASIU AGUNBIADE LAMIDI Lecturer (x), College of Agriculture, Ejigbo Campus, Osun State University, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria



Feed conversion ratio, Floor geometry, Stocking density


Six different floor spaces, each was allotted for 4 birds in cells: F1A (2,000cm2), F2A (2,200cm2), F3A (2,400cm2), F4A (2,600cm2), F5A (2,800cm2), F6A (3,000cm2). Birds housed in each of cells of floor areas: S1A (2,400cm2) = 4, S2A (4,200cm2) = 6, S3A (5,600cm2) = 8, S4A (7,000cm2) = 10. Each was replicated thrice. Results revealed that effects of pen floor areas were significant on bird's weight of 1482±5.07 g. There were discrepancies in birds' final weights (range: 1218±2.03 to 1482±5.07 g), however, 2800cm2 pen showed nearly uniform birds' weights. Average birds' feed intakes (range: 5541g±11.30 to 5588g±14.06 g) were high in 2,800cm2 and 3,000cm2 with fluctuations recorded in feed conversion ratio in all pens, except cell 2,800cm. Stocking density had significant effect on the bird's meat quality; 2,800cm2 pen of four birds with 700cm2 per bird was hereby recommended for high broiler's performance.


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