Self Reported Risks Associated in Veterinary Profession

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  • Sariput Landge , Hema Tripathi and Vaishali Virendra Banthiya


The present study was conducted in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Two hundred and six veterinarians comprising
82 Livestock Development Officers (LDOs) from state department, Maharashtra and 124 scientists from two animal
science institutes were selected following the proportionate random sampling to understand the self reported risks
in veterinary profession. Final data were collected personally through the two different interview schedule developed
based on their nature of work. The severity of risks associated in the veterinary profession were identified and
responses were taken on a three point continuum viz. less risky, moderately risky and highly risky separately for
each event. Various activities were identified respondents were asked to mention their responses on a three point
continuum based on the perceived severity of risk viz. least, moderate and severe. Frequencies and percentages
were calculated for each risk reported by LDO’s and the scientists separately. Study revealed that field veterinarian
and scientists perceived zoonoses, back pain and injuries and accidents as the top three extremely risky aspects of
the veterinary profession. Veterinarians working in field felt animal assaults, spondylitis and exhaustion while the
scientists perceived injuries, back pain, chemical hazards and exhaustion as the other the high risk associated in
veterinary profession.






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