Adoption of Improved Technologies Among Nagpur Mandarin Growers in Vidarbha

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  • Vinod Anavrat


Nagpur mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) popularly known as 'Nagpur Orange' has got a Geographical Indication (GI)
tag identity. Besides the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, it is grown in the three districts of Rajasthan and Madhya
Pradesh. Being a cash crop, mandarin cultivation in Maharashtra increased upto 1,35,000 ha and occupies top position in
terms of area. However, the average productivity of 9-10 tons/ha point at the dismal status of Nagpur mandarin industry
especially in Vidarbha. Hence, to ascertain the causes of technology non-adoption leading to low productivity, the study
was undertaken in the Nagpur mandarin growing area of Central India comprising 300 respondents in a stratified random
sampling. The study revealed that, growers with land large holdings were better adopters due to increased scientific
orientation and better extension contacts. Overall, the reason of non-adoption differed with the perceived importance of
technology by the respondents. However, lack of information was one of the major handicaps and the growers need to be
equipped with required information for accelerating the improved technology adoption process.






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