Characterization of Livelihood Systems in Coral Ecosystem

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  • Anshida Beevi and Monika Wason


A livelihood comprises the capabilities, assets and activities required for a means of living. The present study has
undertaken to characterize the livelihood systems in coral islands of India. Out of 11 inhabiting islands of Lakshadweep,
two islands “Kalpeni” and “Andrott” were selected for the study. From the islands selected, two wards and from each
ward 30 individuals were selected by simple random sampling technique. A total of 120 respondents comprised the
sample. The results showed that three livelihood groups in the study area include the farming alone (group 1), non-farm
activities alone (group 2) and both farm and non- farm activities (group 3). Activity ranking exercise was done based on
different activities carried out by the islanders for means of living. It shows that group 3 is engaged in more diversified
activities as their livelihood source.






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