Awareness and Attitude of Farmers towards Agro-forestry

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  • Satyendra Kumar Singh , R. K. Doharey , A. K. Singh , Prakash Singh and Sandip Kumar Singh


The study was conducted in Milkipur block of Faizabad District by concluding personal interview with 100 respondents
selected through proportionate random sampling technique on the criteria of land holding size possessed, viz. Marginal,
small, medium and large to find out the knowledge, attitude and adoption of agro-forestry systems. The majority of
respondents (73 %) were found having medium level of attitude towards agro-forestry and attitude was measured on the
scale developed by Shukla and Tyagi (2002). The respondents were categorized into three categories such as low, medium
and high on the basis on the respondents e.g. low (up to 38), medium (39 to 44), high (45 and above) based on (i) mean-SD
(ii) between mean ± SD (iii) mean +SD respectively. The correlation of attitude with like economic motivation and
knowledge extent were found to be highly significant.






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