Shesh Narain Singh , R. K. Doharey and Shalini Srivastava

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  • Shesh Narain Singh , R. K. Doharey and Shalini Srivastava


This study was conducted in four main agricultural universities in Uttar Pradesh, by interviewing 300 respondents who
were selected through proportionate random sampling technique on the criteria of having four year degree programme of
B.Sc.(Ag.), two year degree programme M.Sc.(Ag.) and three year degree programme Ph.D.(Ag.). The study depicted
that the highest number of respondents in age category of 22 to 26 years belonged to nuclear families (79%) and having 5-
10 members in their families (72%). Except 7 per cent respondents all were unmarried and backward caste respondents
were more in comparison to other categories of caste. The economic motivation, risk orientation and value orientations
were observed of medium levels. The mobile phone is most useful communication media. The agriculture was observed
as main occupation of majority of the respondent's families and having annual income of `100001 to 200000 (31%). The
51 per cent respondents were found having pucca type houses, 35 per cent of the respondents were found in the land
holding category of small farmers. 64.66 per cent medium level of decision pattern of father. The maximum number of
respondents was observed in medium category of communication technology use in day and most usefulness of
communication technologies in career preferences was mobile phone. The purpose in use of communication Technology
was 'computer information retrieval or data updating' ranked first. The civil cervices or administrative jobs were found
most preferred jobs followed by state government job by the agriculture students.






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