Farmer Participatory Vatidation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Agriculture

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  • R.N. Padaria, Baldeo Singh, Jitendra Kumar, B.M. Sharma and M. Pathak


Indigenous technical knowledge has assumed greater significance in search of eco-friendly practices
for sustainable agriculture. The present study made an attempt to develop mechanism of participatory validation
of the potential of indigenous technical knowledge. Two ITK of managing gundhi bug with exffacts of garlic
and tobacco mixed with washing powder and management of termites with lime and salt were subjected to
validation vis-d-vis the recommended practices for the respective pest. Though the trials showed better efficacy
of recommended practices in comparison to indigenous practices for management of gundhi bug in rice and
termite in sugarcane; the participatory on-farm validation trials helped farmers to understand the techniques of
field experimentation, data record keeping, analysis and drawing logical conclusions besides attribution process
of cause and effect relationship. Dialogue and working with scientists enhanced the confidence of farmers and
motivated them to take up experimentation with sound methodology and validate other technologies and own
practices with scientific rationality'






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