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  • K.H. AJISHA, C.L. SHARON, E.R. ANEENA, SEEJA THOMACHAN, SAJI GOMEZ and P.S LAKSHMY *Department of Community Science, College of Agriculture Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikkara, Thrissur, Kerala - 680 656


Instant payasam mix, Jackfruit flour, Jackfruit seed flour, Nutritional qualities, Sensory qualities, Vermicelli


This study was conducted (2016-2018) to develop jackfruit based instant vermicelli payasam
mix by using jackfruit flour and jackfruit seed flour. Based on organoleptic evaluation, mean scores
was high for vermicelli and payasam prepared with 70 % raw jackfruit flour and 30 % jackfruit seed
flour with an overall acceptability of 8.55 and 8.57,respectively. The nutrient content of selected
jackfruit based vermicelli observed to have moisture (7.18 %), energy (284 Kcal 100g-1), carbohydrate
(63.7g 100g-1), protein (3.4g 100g-1), fat (0.80g 100g-1) and fibre (3.9g 100g-1). The vermicelli was
rich in calcium (53mg 100g-1), iron (6.7mg 100g-1), sodium (18.14mg 100g-1) and potassium (242mg
100g-1). An instant payasam mix was standardized usingthe selected jackfruit vermicelli along with
sugar, nuts, raisins and flavourings. The jackfruit instant payasam mix had good sensory characteristics
with an overall acceptability was 8.62. The market potential of jackfruit can be promoted if the fruits
are made available to the consumer in a ready to cook form throughout the year.


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