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  • N. AISWARYA*, S. L. BHATTIPROLU, K. BAYYAPU REDDY and G. RAMA RAO Department of Seed Science and Technology, Advanced Post Graduate Centre, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Lam, Guntur - 522 034


Efficacy of various fungicides and bio-control agents against Aspergillus niger affecting groundnut
was tested. Groundnut seed of 13 varieties viz., Abhaya, Amaravati, Chitravati, Dharani, Haritandhra,
ICGV 00 350, Kadiri 6, Kadiri 9, Narayani TAG 24, TCGS 1073, TCGS 1616 and TCGS 1694 was
artificially inoculated by soaking in conidial suspension of A. niger @ 106 conidia ml-1 for 20 min, dried
at room temperature and then treated with fungicides viz., mancozeb @ 3 g kg-1, carbendazim @ 2 g
kg-1, tebuconazole @ 1 g kg-1, carboxin+thiram @ 2 g kg-1; bio-control agents, Trichoderma viride @
10 g kg-1 and Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 10 g kg-1. The inoculated seed of different treatments
were incubated in rolled paper towels for 10 days. Of all the fungicides and bio-control agents tested
tebuconazole recorded highest germination (91.04%) and maximum disease control (90.29%),
whereas, carbendazim recorded highest seedling length (18.44cm), seedling vigour index I (1660),
seedling dry weight (0.22) and seedling vigour index II (19.48).


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