hyperactivity disorder in school going children aged between 5-12 years in Bengaluru. Current Pediatric Research. 21(2):321-326. Sam Richa, JihaneRohayem, RabihChammai, Francois Kazour, Ramzi Haddad, Sani Hleis, Abbas Alameddine, Bernard Gerbaka. 2012. AD

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  • P.M. MEERA, C.L.SHARON*, SEEJA THOMACHAN, E.R. ANEENA and P.S. LAKSHMY Department of Community Science, College of Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikkara, Thrissur- 680 656


Passion fruit, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Mango, Viability, Sensory evaluation


Probiotics are increasingly being added to food products in order to develop functional foods
with health promoting effects. Hence, an attempt was made to develop a probiotic drink containing
passion fruit and mango involving L. acidophilus.In the study, five treatments (along with one control)
with three replications were standardized. The most acceptable combination (50% Passion fruit + 50
% Mango) of the drink was pasteurised at 800C for 20 minutes and allowed to cool. The pasteurised
drink was then inoculated with 4ìl L.acidophilus and incubated for a period of one hour at 370C which
had availability of 13. 35 log cfu g-1.The probiotic passion fruit based drink along with its control(nonprobiotic
drink) had TSS content of 12.50 and 13.20 0Brix, titratable acidity of 1.98 % and 1.60 % ,
total sugar 16.66 and 17.10 g 100 g-1, reducing sugar 4.08 and 4.40 g 100 g-1, protein 0.70 and 0.36
g 100 g-1, carbohydrate 13.32 and 14.72 100 g-1, energy of 56.08 and 60.32 Kcal, ascorbic acid of 10
mg 100 g-1 and 13.7 mg 100 g-1and total ash 1.60 % and 1.52 %, respectively.


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