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New Issue published: Nov. - Dec. 2014, Vol. 67 No. 6


Nov. - Dec. 2014, Vol. 67 No. 6


Biofilm - A threat to dairy industry: A Review

K. V. Mogha, N. P. Shah, J. B. Prajapati and A. R. Chaudhari



Instrumental colour profile of dieteic Sandesh as function of ingredients using Response Surface Methodology

Viswanath Nalwade, Ritika Puri, Jui Lodh and Kaushik Khamrui

Effect of ultrafiltration of milk and inoculum level on titratable acidity and pH in Dahi

Sakshi Khurana, Vijay Kumar Gupta and Ganga Sahay Meena


Chemical and immunological quality of goat colostrum: effect of breed and milking frequency

Harish Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Raman Seth and Arun Kumar Goyal


Assessment of enrichment broths for their ability to recover Listeria monocytogenes from spiked milk

Mandeep Balhara, Ramakant Lawaniya, Naresh Kumar, H. V. Raghu, Shabnam Kouser, Pradip Kumar Sharma and R.K Malik

Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus associated with bovine mastitis

M.N. Chougule; R.S. Gandge; A.S. Bannalikar; S. B. Majee and R. R. Pharande


Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of holandric genes and association with sperm nuclear maturity in bovines

Amanpreet Kaur, C. S. Mukhopadyay, J. S. Arora, G. S. Brah, Simarjeet Kaurand C. J. Jamir

Comparative genome integrity of riverine buffalos (Bubalus bubalis) under tropical climatic conditions

Anil Kumar, Syma Ashraf, T. Sridhar Goud, Anita Grewal, S.V. Singh, B. R. Yadav and R. C. Upadhyay

Relative effectiveness of best linear unbiased prediction-animal model vis-à-vis other sire evaluation methods for genetic evaluation of Murrah sires

Manvendra Singh, Avtar Singh, A. K. Gupta, A. K. Chakravarty,Ved Prakash, Ajay Singh and Saroj Sahoo


Mortality pattern of Karan Fries males in an organized herd

A. Panmei, A. K. Gupta, P. R. Shivahre, M. Bhakat, Avtar Singh, S.K. Dash and S. Dash

Culling pattern in Murrah buffalo males reserved for breeding at organized herd

Pushp Raj Shivahre, A.K. Gupta, A. Panmei, M. Bhakat, V. Kumar, S.K. Dash ,A. Upadhyay and S. Dash


Economics of milk production in plain and hill regions of Uttarakhand state

Rachit Vishnoi, P.K. Dixit and M. Umamageswari

Resource-use efficiency in milk production in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh

Sandeep Kumar Sharma, Ravinder Malhotra, and Sumit Mahajan


Entrepreneurship among commercial dairy farmers in Maharashtra

A. A. Raut and Gopal Sankhala

Marketing pattern of Murrah buffaloes among dairy farmers affected by Integrated Murrah Development Scheme of Haryana

Y.S. Jadoun, S.K. Jha, Pragya Bhadauria and Rajiv Kale

SWOT analysis of Jammu and Kashmir milk producer’s co-operative limited

Sajad Ahmed Wani, Gopal Sankhala, Amit Singh and Nazir Ahmed Mir

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New Issue published: (67 NO.5 2014 (SEPT.-OCT 2014)

67 NO.5 2014 (SEPT.-OCT 2014)  
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New Issue published: (67 ,NO.4, 2014)



Aflatoxins in dairy products: A Review

Kiran Lata, Arvind Jaiswal, Amit Kumar Pandey and Rajan Sharma



Sensory and physico-chemical changes during storage of UHT-treated whey-based Lassi

Sathish Kumar, M.H., Sharmistha Srivastava, D.K Thompkinson. and Latha Sabikhi

Physicochemical analysis of Ghee residue and its conversion into confectionary food products

Sandeep Janghu, Ravinder Kaushik, VikasBansal, Paras Sharma and Suman Dhindwal

Effect of incorporation of concentrated and lactose hydrolysed whey on sensory quality of Khoa

Srujan Kumar. K and B.V. Balasubramanyam

Sensory quality of Bifido-Lal Dahi as affected by various parameters

Ram Milan and R.P. Srivastava


Screening ofβ-galactosidase positive probiotic dairy yeasts
Gitanjali Satheand Anil Kumar Puniya


Standardization of solvent fractionation technique for detection of adulteration in Ghee by enriching animal body fat and vegetable oil in different fractions

NeelamUpadhyay, Anil Kumar, Kamal Gandhi, Ankit Goyal and Darshan Lal

Antacid properties of milk and milk products in comparison to other foods and commonly available antacid pharmacological preparations

Renuka Malik,  B.S. Beniwal , Hari Om and Renu Arora


Aerobic granulation strategy for the treatment of dairy waste water

S. Garcha, N Kaur and SK Brar


Dairy credit utilization and repayment in Shimoga milk zone of Karnataka: a comparative analysis of SHGs, commercial banks and RRBs

K.B. Vedamurthy, J.P. Dhaka and Smita Sirohi,

Expenditure estimation for production of hypotensive and antioxidant whey protein hydrolysate enriched misti dahi

Alok Chatterjee, S. K. Kanawjia and Yogesh Khetra

Impact of Warana dairy farming pattern on socio-economic status of dairy farmers

Y.G. Kankarne,  M.F. Siddiqui, Prashant Mashalji and V.S. Ingle


Adoption analysis of scientific calf management practices among livestock owners

Maousami, B.P. Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Vijay Kumar

Innovativeness, cultivation and utilization pattern of fodder crops in Pune district of Maharashtra

Sanjay Kad, Rajiv B. Kale, Vishal Vairagarand Sagar Wadkar

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New Issue published: VOL. 66 NO. 5, 2013 (Sept.-Oct. 2013)

VOL. 66 NO. 5, 2013  
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New Issue published: VOL. 66 NO. 4, 2013

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Indian J. Dairy Sci. 66(3),2013

May- June 2013  
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