Vol. 76 No. 3 (2023) May-June 2023


Development of lactose hydrolyzed milk using micro fluidization assisted crude â-galactosidase
enzyme of Lactobacillus acidophilus
Devsimran Kaur, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Pranav Kumar Singh, Veena N and Namita Rokana
Storage studies on Low calorie burfi incorporated with Sucralose and Costus speciosus extract
Anupama M, Dharani kumar M, Divya MP, Davuddin Baig and Beena AK
Application of response surface methodology in preparation of low-fat paneer from recombined milk
Mahesh P Chaudhari, Suneeta V Pinto, Chetan N Dharaiya and Sunil M Patel
Development and evaluation of ginger-honey shrikhand – A fermented sweet delicacy
Viren Savaliya, Kunal Kumar Ahuja, Ankitkumar J Thesiya and Tanmay Hazra
Improvement in quality of cow’s raw milk using novel on-farm milk cooling system
Yogeshkumar V Vekariya, Sunil M Patel and Mital R Kathiriya
Assessment of bioactive components of essential oils for antimicrobial activity in the dairy food matrix
Manju Gaare and Chand Ram Grover
Development of grape pulp enriched low calorie ice cream made with aspartame and maltodextrin.
Sasikala P, Kotilinga Reddy Y, KN Rao and Bhaskar Reddy GV
Application of Taguchi orthogonal array design to optimize microencapsulation of zinc by spray-drying
Abhinash P, F Magdaline Eljeeva Emerald, Heartwin A Pushpadass, Anant V Dhotre and SB Nageswara Rao
Production, Survival, and storage study of Freeze and spray dried Lactococcus lactis using whey
as protectant
Vandna Kumari, Narendra Kumar, Surajit Mandal and Subrota Hati
Effect of cold plasma on the quality parameters of custard apple juice milk beverage
Shifa Sanofer Khair KM, G Sujatha and Rita Narayanan
Unravelling the relationship between udder morphometric traits and milk production, composition
and clinical mastitis in Karan Fries cattle via principal component analysis
Rebeka Sinha, Beena Sinha, Ragini Kumari, MR Vineeth, Revanasiddu D, Archana Verma, and Ishwar Dayal Gupta
Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting calf survivability in Gir crossbreds
MB Mali, MG Mote, DK Deokar and US Gaikwad
Nutritional value and energy balance of pearl millet fodder as influenced by different nutrient management
Rakesh Kumar, Hardev Ram, Rakesh Kumar, RK Meena, Sandeep Kumar and VK Meena
Performance of dairy processing firms in India- An empirical analysis across size and experience
Asha Devi, SS, BS Chandel, Ravinder Malhothra, AK Dixit and Denny Franco
Estimation of feed costs and feed efficiency in typical dairy farms of Bangladesh during Coronavirus
(Covid-19) emergency: Implications toward feed support policy
Amrin Akter, Mst. Nadira Sultana, Bernhard Brümmer and Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Thermal imaging and physiological responses of crossbred goats under different housing system during hot humid season

SV Singh, AK Misra, Gaurav Kumar and Apeksha Ukey

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