Intestinal Peyer's patches of buffalo


  • N Alboghobeish
  • H Hamidi Nejat


Buffalo, Intestine, Peyer's patches


The study showed that buffalo small intestine contains 2 types of Peyer's patches i.e., discrete jejunal Peyer's patches and a single ileal Peyer's patch, which extends from the beginning of the ileum up to the ileocecal valve. The total number of jejunal Peyer's patches of the buffalo were less than that of the cow and increased from the beginning (2.85 ± 0.87) towards the terminal part (7.15 ± 0.95). Area of the oval jejunal Peyer's patches was same throughout. A single large ileal Peyer's patch was 99.36 ± 4.44 cm long and was tongue-shaped. Follicles of the jejunal Peyer's patches were pear-shaped and the large inter follicular spaces were occupied by diffuse lymphoid tissue; but follicles of the ileal Peyer's patches were long sac-like and were separated by connective tissue.


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Alboghobeish, N., & Nejat, H. H. (2012). Intestinal Peyer’s patches of buffalo. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 69(8).