Micro-mineral and biochemical profile of Marwari goats




Copper, Glucose, Marwari, Protein, Transaminases, Zinc


Healthy, pluriparous, cyclic Marwari does (6) were used to investigate the changes in Zn, Cu and certain biochemical parameters during different physiological stages. Blood samples were collected during oestrous cycle, on the day of mating, gestation period (fortnightly up to fourth month, weekly during last month), day of kidding and up to 1 month of lactation period. In this study, glucose and protein profile did not change significantly between different phases of oestrus cycle, the activity of transaminases was significantly high during the follicular phase of oestrus cycle. Glucose concentration was significantly high during early and late gestation and attained significantly lowest level on the day of kidding. The activity of transaminases remained significantly low up to third month of gestation while on day of kidding, the activity increased significantly. Total protein level decreased progressively during fifth month of gestation period. However, it increased significantly at the beginning of the lactation. Up to 105 days of gestation period, albumin concentration decreased while globulin concentration increased. Albumin concentration tended to increase and attained normal value at term. However, the globulin decreased to term and lactation period. Zinc concentration remained low up to third month of gestation. At fourth month of gestation it increased significantly and remained high up to first week of post-partum period. Copper concentration showed increasing trend from third month of gestation and attained significantly higher level in the mid of fifth month of gestation. Thereafter it decreased and remained low up to first week of lactation.


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