Vol. 76 No. 2 (2023) March-April


Influence of in-package microwave treatment and geometry on selected characteristics of Paneer
Bhavesh B Chavhan, P Barnwal, PN Raju and A K Singh
Milk microflora with S. aureus alike colony characteristics limits its identification over selective
and differential agar media
Arundhati Ganesh Wandhare, Mudit Chandra and Harsh Panwar
Determination of engineering properties of selected animal feed and fodder materials
Ankit Deep, Hima John, Priyanka, Pradyuman Barnwal, Madan Lal Kamboj and Surender Singh Lathwal
Development of Ricotta Cheese Spread by using Basket Centrifuge
Avinash Chandra Gautam, Nitika Goel, PK Singh and N Veena
Development and Characterisation of Yoghurt incorporated with Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera Linn) Extract
S Archana, KB Divya, SN Rajakumar and PS Babu
Development and evaluation of sensorial and antioxidant properties of functional black rice kheer
Bhavika Dhingra and Amrita Poonia
Influence of supplementary nickel on feed intake, nutrient utilization and growth performance in Murrah buffalo calves
Thamizhan P, Chander Datt, Shambhvi, Veena Mani, Goutam Mondal and Raman Malik
Impact of seasonal variation on endocrine profile during an estrous cycle in Jersey crossbred dairy cows
Harish Kumar, Pravesh Kumar, Akshay Sharma, Rajesh Chahota and Pururava Sharm
Nutritional elucidation of rice- and maize gluten meal-based diets: in vitro gas production, digestibility, methane and rumen fermentation
MS Mahesh, SS Thakur and Vinu M Nampoothiri
Economic analysis of milk production in Southern and North coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh
Naresha N, Anil K. Dixit, Ajmer Singh and BS Meena
Berseem seed and fodder production for Punjab’s Dairy Sector- A comparative economic analysis
Kajal Agnotra, Raj Kumar and Sangeet Ranguwal
Impact and determinants of membership in dairy cooperative society: The case of smallholder Dairy Farmers in Barpeta District of Assam
Shraddhanjali Bhattacharjee and Dharmendra Nath
Risk association of metabolites and immune response mediator indicators with the occurrence of retained placenta in Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
Bhabesh Mili and Sujata Pandita
An investigation on morphometric measurements and adaptability of Marathwadi buffaloes in the native breeding tract
SA Dhenge, MM Vaidya, VB Dongre, VN Khandait and SV Singh
Study on consumer awareness of dairy analogues in Gujarat State
Pankaj Parmar, Jashbhai B Prajapati, Smruti Smita Mohapatra and Ankit Ashokrao Sontakke