MAY-JUNE 2024 (Vol.77, No.3, 2024)



Development of convolutional neural network models for evaluation of body condition scores of Holstein Friesian crossbred cows

Shriramulu, Heartwin A Pushpadass, Magdaline Eljeeva Emerald Franklin, Manimala Kanagaraj, Jeyakumar Sakthivel, Mukund A. Kataktalware, Sivaram Muniandy and Ramesha P. Kerekoppa

Characterization and identification of some probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from curdled  cow and goat milk

Gunjan Patil and Farida Minocheherhomji

Development of low-fat frozen yoghurt incorporated with strawberry and beetroot powder

Dhaval Patel, CN Dharaiya, DH Patel and AM Patel

Modeling and optimizing buttermilk concentration and coagulation temperature for paneer production

Gaurav Chaudhary, Ameeta Salaria , Yogeshkumar V Vekariya, Shalini Arora and AK Singh

Evaluation of antimicrobial effect of lemon grass essential oil on biofilm forming pathogens in broth medium and on stainless steel chip

Jamunkar Shivani Rajuji, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Pranav Kumar Singh and Vikas Sangwan

Aflatoxin M1 and shelf-life analysis of goat and cow milk samples

Jyoti and Namita Ashish Singh

Anionic mixture supplementation and their impact on hemato-biochemical parameters and post partum performance of buffaloes under field conditions

Sohan Vir Singh, Gaurav Kumar and Rajkumar

Standardisation and evaluation of physico chemical properties of Jackfruit based bio-yoghurts

Remya PR, Sharon CL and Rammya Molu K

Optimum model for prediction of Daughters Pregnancy Rate in Holstein Friesian crossbred cattle of Kerala, India

Jamuna Valsalan, Tina Sadan, Kulangara Anilkumar and TV Aravindakshan

Profitability and Economic Viability of Commercial Dairy farms in Trans-Gangetic Plains of India

Arti, AK Chauhan, Anil Kumar Dixit, Chandan Kumar Rai and Bitan Mondal

Comparative Analysis of Management Practices of Calves of Dairy Animals under Organic and Non-organic Farming System

Saikat Maji, BS Meena , Neela Madhav Patnaik and Priyajoy Kar

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Vol. 77 No. 2 (2024): March-April 2024
Published: 2024-04-23


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