An investigation on growth and adaptability of Marathwadi buffaloes in the native breeding tract

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  • Sandeep A Dhenge MAFSU NAGPUR
  • M M Vaidya
  • V B Dongre
  • V N Khandait
  • S V Singh


Adaptability, Growth profile, Marathwadi buffaloes


The present study was carried out on 204 Marathwadi buffaloes, 154 from Livestock Farm Complex (LFC), College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (COVAS), Udgir, Dist. Latur and 50 from villages of Udgir tahsil to analyze their growth and adaptability profile. Marathwadi buffaloes were divided (age wise) into three groups (0-1 year, 1-3 year and 3 year and above). Different biometrical and physiological parameters were recorded during five consecutive years to study the growth profile and adaptability of Marathwadi buffaloes. No significant difference was observed in morphological parameters (body length, chest girth, height at withers, body weight and body surface area) between buffaloes reared in LFC, COVAS, Udgir and under field conditions of adjoining villages in Udgir Tahsil. Body growth pattern was proportionate according to age in both the groups. However, growth parameters were comparatively lower in buffaloes under village conditions than buffaloes maintained at LFC, COVAS, Udgir. Benezra's Coefficient of Adaptability (BCA) was used to assess the adaptability of these buffaloes and no significant difference was observed among the both group of buffaloes across all age groups. However, as per Iberia Heat Tolerance Coefficient (IHTC), adaptability values were nearby 100 in all groups and there was no significant difference was observed between these two groups. It is inferred that, growth pattern was proportionate with age in Marathwadi buffaloes which were reared under organised farm as compared to the animals reared under field condition.


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Sandeep A Dhenge, M M Vaidya, V B Dongre, V N Khandait, & S V Singh. (2023). An investigation on growth and adaptability of Marathwadi buffaloes in the native breeding tract. Indian Journal of Dairy Science, 76(2). Retrieved from