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  • BEENA CHERIAN* and SHILPA JOSE Mahatma Gandhi University, Tiruvalla, Kerala - 689 101


Anticancer, bioactive, mushrooms, Pleurotus florida.


Pleurotus florida mushrooms have gained immense popularity among nutritionists owing to
their medicinal and nutritional properties. In recent times, the consumption of these mushrooms is
tremendously increased due to their health benefits. Besides the nutritional qualities,Pleurotus florida
possess bioactive compounds of high and low molecular weight compounds.
The bioactive fractions were processed using the Shimadzu GC-MS (Model no. Qp2010S) gas
chromatography-mass spectrometry method in 2020-21. On comparing the mass spectra and retention
indices of the compounds on mushroom extract using ethanol, 14 bioactive compounds were identified.
In vitro cytotoxic analysis of the mushroom extract revealed that the mushroom extract possessed
promising anticancer effects,and the main biologically active substances of mushrooms may be
responsible for direct cytotoxicity towards cancer cell lines such as DLA and EAC cell lines. The
percentage of cancer live cells decreases with an increase in the concentration of the sample.


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