Role of genome technology in dairy food quality and safety

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Utilization of lactose hydrolysed paneer whey for the preparation of Buttermilk

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Effect of processing parameters on proteolysis during ripening in cheddar cheese

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Evaluation of reversed-phase thin layer chromatographic protocol to detect vegetable oil/fat in milk

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Oral administration of acidophilus milk supplemented with calcium pyruvate modulates some biochemical parameters and weight gain in rats fed high fat diet

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Effect of air velocity on heat transfer characteristics of curd during cooling in High Impact Polystyrene cups

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Effect of species, breeds, season and stage of lactation on urea content of milk and its variation during processing of milk and milk products

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Effect of fortification of commercial glycerol and crude glycerol to straw based mixed substrate on fermentation kinetics and energy value

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Effects of body condition score and parity on oxidative stress indicators of periparturient Iranian dairy


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Enhancing income and employment on marginal and small farms through dairying in Punjab

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Deciphering the efficay of multimedia based intervention for augmenting knowledge status: A clean milk production perspective

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Extension interventions in coping of farmers against effect of climate change in dairy farming

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A simple rapid technique for detection of palm oil in ghee

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Low fat channa spread from filled milk

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