CONTENTS Vol. 72, No. 5, 2019 (September-October)


Invited review

Recent advancements in the functionality of the components from goat milk and its products

Sonam Naagar and SK Kanawjia

Research articles

Effect of ingredients and processing parameters on the sensory, instrumental colour, texture and microstructure of Pinni

Ravinder Singh, Kaushik Khamrui and Writhdhama Prasad

Manufacture of chhana podo by incorporation of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims fo. edulis) pulp

Dhanya Suresh, SN Rajakumar and Krupa Joseph

Profiling and distribution of minerals content in cow, buffalo and goat milk

Manju Singh, Rajan Sharma, Suvartan Ranvir, Kamal Gandhi and Bimlesh Mann

Antagonistic activity of Lactobacillus reuteri strains isolated from different niches against food bacteria and its biopreservative application along with nisin in milk system

Diwas Pradhan, Nirmal Kumar, Priya Singh and Pooja Gujjar

Effect of butylated hydroxytoluene supplementation on ultrastructure of crossbred bovine spermatozoa

M Sharma and A Singh

Seasonal effect on sexual behaviour of Kankrej bull

Rinku Deka, JB Patel, AK Srivastava, KB Prajapati, Jigar Patel and BS Rathod

Effect of supplementation of Kappaphycus alvarezii based seaweed product on rumen fermentation parameters under in vitro conditions

Avinesh Sharma , Chander Datt, Ritika Gupta, Jitendra Kumar, Shambhvi, AK Tyagi and Veena Mani

Status of cattle insurance in select districts of Karnataka: A micro-economic study

GV Rohith, PK Dixit, M Sivaramand S Subhash

Spatio-temporal analysis of milk production in Karnataka state

Khalandar S, M Sivaram, PK Dixit and Shweta Bijla

Future of smallholders in the dairy sector: A macro study of Gujarat

Shiv Raj Singh, Thakar KP, Soumya C and KK Datta

Institutionalization of dairy innovation platforms: A study on Samagra project in Kerala

Ditty Maria Dominicand Jancy Gupta

Customer’s decisiveness about food safety apprehensions of dairy products: A consumer-centric approach

Priyajoy Kar and HR Meena

Constraints perceived about fodder production by the dairy farmers of north Gujarat

MM Pawar, BK Ashwar, PC Joshi, SS Patil, MP Madhavatar, NK Thakkar, JV Patel and JP Gupta

Analysis of dairy cooperative movement in Haryana

Sumit Mahajan, Janailin S Papang, Avinash Ghule, Shalini Arora and Indu

Short communication

Electrophoretic behaviour of casein hydrolysis of modified atmosphere packaged mozzarella cheese

Tanweer Alam, Gyanendra Kumar Goyal, Bimlesh Mann, Aastha Bhardwaj and Gaurav Kr Deshwal