Role of Lactobacilli fermented dairy products on gut health

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Development of synbiotic ice cream from goat milk

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Effect of polyherbal supplementation on milk production and postpartum reproduction in crossbred cattle

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A comparative study on the expression profile of aquaporin 3(AQP3) gene in the skin fibroblast cells of Barbari and Sirohi breeds of goat

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Effect of composition and size of reference population in genotype imputation efficiency of INDUSCHIP in HF Crossbred cattle

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Assessment of milk adulteration in the commercially available milk for the consumers in Cauvery delta region of Tamil Nadu, India

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Economic analysis of informal dairy processing units in Karnal district of Haryana

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Economic analysis of milk production in peri-urban dairy farms of Odisha

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Entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farm women in Nainital district of Uttarakhand

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Farmers’ perception towards dairy farm automation in north India

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A research on the pollution parameters of buttermilk

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A study on change in fatty acids profile in ghee adulterated with palm oil
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Optimization of mango herbal Quarg type cheese with mango pulp and spices

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