CONTENTS MAY-JUNE 2020 (VOL. 73 NO. 3, 2020)



Edible spineless cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica): A promising alternative forage source for livestock

Anupam Thakuria, Chander Datt, Shambhvi, Kuldeep Dudi, Gajender, P Thamizhan and RK Yadav


Characterization of Mohanthal – A traditional sweet from Gujarat, India

MB Chaudhary, K Jayaraj Rao and Harin Sutariya

Physicochemical, antioxidant and in-vitro release behaviour of burfi added with curcumin as a source of functional ingredient

Gote Shubham Dattatraya, Writdhama Prasad, and Kaushik Khamrui

Storage studies on textural aspects of selected Indian dairy products

Snehal P Lokhande, M Waseem, Rupesh P Datir, Anant V Dhotre and PG Wasnik

A comparative study of automated TEMPO® rapid method with IS/ISO method for enumeration of microorganisms in different dairy products

Rajiv Kumar

Effect of incorporation of Finger millet (Eleusine coracana) on the antimicrobial, ACE inhibitory, antioxidant and antidiabetic potential of a milk-millet composite probiotic fermented product

Jinal Kesharbhai Chaudhary and Sreeja Mudgal

Isolation and characterization of oleaginous yeasts from Dairy waste

CN Khobragade, Shweta R Gophane, Vinod B Banasavade and NB Marathe

Oxidative stress molecules as indicators of uterine health in Murrah buffaloes during peripartum period

Prachurya Biswal, SS Lathwal and Rubina K Baithalu

Faecal Score and dry matter content after feeding synbiotics to neonatal Jersey crossbred calves

J Sahu, S Rai, R Behera, S Mandal, R Jas, MK Ghosh, DK Mandal and A Chatterjee

Effect of different levels of sodium sesquicarbonate on in vitro rumen fermentation parameters

Hunny Sharma, Veena Mani, Sachin Kumar, Srobana Sarkar and Hujaz Tariq

A comparative study of food products developed from standard dairy milk and lactose hydrolysed milk on their organoleptic qualities

Debanjana Bhattacharyya, Mini Sheth and Vijayata Sengar

Effect of composition and size of the reference population in genotype imputation efficiency of INDUSCHIP in HF Crossbred cattle

Sujit Saha, Nilesh Nayee, Heena Shah, Swapnil Gajjar, G Kishore, RO Gupta, and KR Trivedi

Genetic analysis of test days, 305 days and lifetime lactation records in Sahiwal cattle

Manjari Pandey and Raja KN

Choice modelling for participation in milk marketing channels: Evidence from Punjab, India

Nidhi Singhal, Harjit Kaur, Pampa Mukherjee and Santanu Basu

Forecasting cattle and buffalo population in India – a time series analysis

Arya S Nair, M Thirunavukkarasu, A Serma Saravana Pandian, G Senthilkumar and C Balan

Constraints faced by the dairy farmers in production and marketing of milk in northern dry zone of Karnataka

RS. Bhawar, PK Dixitand M Sivaram