Contents November-December 2020



November-December 2020

Vol. 73 No.6, 2020

Application of physico-chemical and chromatographic techniques for detection of adulteration in ghee (milk fat)

Dnyaneshwar Shinde, Hriday Darji, Rajiv Chawla, Badal Patel, Chitrangana Joshi, Hima Thakkar, Sushil Gawande, Swati Patil and Rajesh R Nair

Detection of common adulterants in khoa using qualitative tests reported for milk

Sonali Parekh, AI Shaikh and KD Aparnathi

Storage related changes in Lassi supplemented with Amaranthus flour

Patel AC, Pandya AJ, Patel RA, G Gopikrishna, Shendurse AM and Roy SK

Physico-chemical characterization of Botanero cheese

Angélica Espinoza-Ortega, Eric Montes de Oca Flores

Development of functional ice cream using basil oil microcapsules

Veena Paul, Arvind, Dinesh Chandra Rai, Shikha Pandhi and Ankit Seth

Moisture sorption characteristics of chhana murki

Khojare AS

Development of phytonutrient enriched avocado milkshake powder and its quality evaluation

Shreya Pandey, Aparna, K Shiby Varghese, Anil Kumar Chauhan, Meenakshi Singh

Application of response surface methodology for optimization of low calorie burfi incorporated with sucralose and Costus speciosus extract

Anupama M, Dharani kumar M, Divya MP, James Land Rajakumar SN

Isolation and characterization of Staphylococcus aureus from subclinical mastitis cases of bovine in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh

P. Madhava, D Rani Prameela, B Sreedevi and T Madhava Rao

Quality and safety assessment of goat milk collected from different regions of Mathura city

Sadhna Ojha, Vikas Pathak, Meena Goswami, S K Bharti and Tanuja

Comparing the effect of different levels of zinc hydroxychloride with inorganic zinc sulfate on in vitro rumen fermentation parameters

Ravi PrakashPal, Veena Mani, Srobana Sarkar, Shahid Hassan Mir, Amit Sharma and Hunny Sharma

Effect of non-genetic factors on milk production performance and composition traits in Sahiwal cattle

Suchit Kumar, Anupama Mukherjee, Alok Kumar Yadav, Prajwalita Pathak and Saleem Yousuf

A comparative study on economics of milk production among self-help group members and non-members in Rajasthan

Ritu Rathore, Ravinder Malhotra, Udita Chaudhary and Rajendra Jangid

What determines the technical efficiency of dairy farmers in Sirsa cooperative milkshed?

Priyanka Lal, BS Chandel, AK Chauhan and Binita Kumari

An appraisal of scope for women-led entrepreneurship in dairying

K Ponnusamy, Latha Sabikhi and GS Meena

Milk quality and safety issues inside the farm gate of dairy farmers of Punjab (India)

Harmandeep Singh, Jaswinder Singh, HK Verma and SK Kansal

Effect of urea-molasses-mineral-block and azolla (Azolla pinnata) as feed supplements on nutrients utilization and production performance in crossbred cows

Jaswant Kumar Regar and Ram Prasad Jat

Studies on curcumin fortification in different lassi types using Tween-80 as a binding material

Nripendra Maurya, Kaushik Khamrui and Writdhama Prasad