March- April 2021 contents



Health effects of Aflatoxin M1 in milk and milk products and novel methods to control of aflatoxin M1: A Review

Mohadeseh Pirhadi, Gholamreza Jahed Khaniki, Mahsa Alikord and Parisa Sadighara


Sensory characterization of vegetarian pizza by using quantitative descriptive analysis

Ripudaman Singh, Kaushik Khamrui, Writdhama Prasad, Bhopal Singh and Ritika Puri

Descriptive sensory profiling of thandai using principal component analysis

Manpinder Kaur, Rekha Chawl and S Sivakumar

A Comparative study on the S- values of cow and buffalo ghee calculated using equations specified in ISO

 (17678) method of determining the milk fat purity by gas chromatographic analysis of triglycerides

Vivek Sharma, Priyanka Singh Rao, Sumit Arora, Laxamana Naik, Manvesh Sihag, Karuna Meghwal and Kuldeep Kumar

Process optimization of fortified sweetened milk kefir

Kavita K Solanki and Bikash C Ghosh

Water vapour sorption thermodynamic properties and stability of spray dried avocado milkshake powder

VK Shiby, KS Babu, P Thorakkattu and MC Pandey

Formulation and quality evaluation of (Pennisetum glaucum incorporated) value-added paneer by Response

Surface Methodology

Arpita Das and P Nazni

Detection of Staphylococcus aureus and antibiotic sensitivity pattern in mastitic cases from Namakkal


R Navaneethan and S Saravanan

Knowledge and adoption level of dairy farmers about bovine ectoparasites in the operational area of dairy

Vigyan Kendra, Vejalpur, Gujarat (India)

SJ Jadav, VD Chauhan and JJ Hasnani

Understanding the relationship between ICT and knowledge sharing using structural equation modeling:

A study from Indian milk co-operatives

Vangala Ram Naresh Kumar

An economic analysis of milk production in Haryana

Soumya Mohapatra, Sendhil R, Ajmer Singh, AK Dixit, R Malhotra and K Ponnusamy

Marketed surplus and milk marketing channels in Madhya Pradesh: Implications for dairy farmers

 and traders

Aditi Agrawal and Raja R

Challenges and barriers perceived by paravets and veterinarians in delivery of minor- veterinary services

at farmers’ door- step: An exploratory study in four states of India

Vikash Kumar and HR Meena

Efficiency of imputing missing genotypes by INDUSCHIP v2 in HF Crossbred cattle

Sujit Saha, Nilesh Nayee, Heena A Shah, Swapnil Gajjar, A Sudhakar, Sandeep K Donthula and Hardik

V Poojara

Effect of area specific mineral mixture supplementation on milk production, biochemical and blood

mineral status of Black Bengal goats

GM Kedare, Vipin, M Karunakaran, A Mandal, MK Ghosh and S Naskar                                            

Pulsed electric field technology - Shelf life extension of milk

G Sujatha, T Sivakumar, A Serma Saravana Pandian and K Chitrambigai