MAY-JUNE VOL. 74, NO. 3, 2021



Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) extracts as potential preservatives in processed cheese foods

Syed Mansha Rafiq and Bikash C Ghosh

Development and characterisation of synbiotic whey beverage

Dharani kumar M,, Anupama M, Davuddin Baig M, Beena AK and Rajakumar S N

Effect of supplementation of β-carotene on nutrient intake, digestibility, milk yield and composition lactating crossbred cows

Vinod Bhateshwar, Dinesh Chandra Rai, Raj Kumar Duary, Aman Rathaur and Uday Pratap Singh

Influence of red grape pomace powder on physiochemical, antioxidant, nutritional, microbial, and sensory properties of probiotic yoghurt

Shervin Haghighat Navaz and Barat Ali Zarei Yam

Effect of homogenization on protein and fat structure and In vitro protein digestibility in Milk

Shilpa S. Shetty and Kirti Sharma

Combined effect of treatment with intrauterine antimicrobials and GnRH on the conception rate of repeat breeder Frieswal cattle

Seena, TX, Archana, SN, Amitha Thomas, Justin Davis and Metilda Joseph

Milk performance of dairy cows supplemented with a combination of slow-release nitrogen and exogenous fibrolytic enzyme

Vimlesh C Sharma, Sudhir K Singh, MS Mahesh, Srilatha Atmakuri, B Chandran and U. Balakrishnan

Estimation and comparison of different lactation persistency methods in Tharparkar cattle 

Linda George, ID Gupta, AK Gupta, Vineeth MR, Jaismon P Achankunju and Aruna TS

Associations of udder biometry with subclinical Mastitis in Gir crossbred cows

AS Shinde, MGMote, SU Bhoite and UY Bhoite

Economics of milk processing in cooperative sector of Haryana

Ajmer Singh, BS Chandel, AK Chauhan, Jagruti Das and Ravi KM

Emerging trend of Dairy based producer organizations: Case studies from Himachal Pradesh

Devesh Thakur,  Krishanender Dinesh, Manoj Sharma and Madhu Suman

Assessment of Market milk adulteration in Tiruchirapalli city of Tamil Nadu

G Rajarajan

Impact of feed optimization and extension intervention on productive and reproductive performance in commercial dairy farms of urban areas in the eastern region of Ethiopia

Ewonetu Kebede Senbeta, Negassi Ameha Zeleke and Gemechu Taffa Dingidie


Surveillance of aflatoxin M1 in milk from Navsari, Gujarat area

Trupti K Vyas, Avantika R Patel, Prachi Desai, Kamlesh G Patel

Constraint analysis of dairy sector in North Eastern Region: A producers and consumers perspective

Ram Singh, Singyala Chiphang and Ajmer Singh