Contents Vol. 74 No.5, 2021 (September-October)



Prolonged oestrus as a cause of infertility in dairy cattle – A review

Arsha Shaji, Kamaraj Elango and Arumugam Kumaresan


Study of the keeping quality of cheese dip stored in PET bottles: Sensory, physico-chemical, textural and microbiological aspects

Venus Bansal, Suresh Kumar Kanawjia, Yogesh Khetra and Anindita Debnath

Effect of optimized formulation (combination of bronopol and kathon) on compositional and physico-chemical parameters of milk samples

Bumbadiya Mitul, Richa Singh, Sumit Arora, Bimlesh Mann and Priyanka Singh Rao

Effect of homogenization on protein and fat structure and In vitro protein digestibility in Milk

Shilpa S Shettyand Kirti Sharma

In vitro assessment of antioxidative potential of goat milk, casein and its hydrolysates: Comparison of goat milk with bovine and buffalo milk

Sunny Kalyan, Sunita Meena, Suman Kapila, RadhaYadav and Gaurav Kr Deshwal

Probiotication of Bifidobacterium spp. in dairy and non-dairy mango juice medium – A green approach

Oorjitha Dogiparthi and Dorathy Pushparani

Changes in hormones of the somatotropic axis associated with postpartum reproductive infections in Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Bhabesh Miliand Sujata Pandita

Micro-level evaluation of socio-technological interventions to address climate change-induced stresses in dairy enterprises

Ritu Chakravarty, K Ponnusamy and R Sendhil


Effect of oral dosing of live and autoclaved culture of Ruminococcus flavefaciens FD-1 on rumen bacterial and fungal populations in Murrah buffaloes

Brishketu Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, MS Maheshand Rakesh Sheel

Support of Desi cows in the daily livelihood of farm households in Karnataka

DV Kolekar, MJ Chandre Gowda and CV Sairam

Isolation and characterization of Staphylococcus aureus from bovine mastitis in Andhra Pradesh

P Madhava, D Rani Prameela, B Sreedevi and T Madhava Rao

Effects of genetic and non-genetic factors on production performance of primiparous Kankrej cattle

NK Thakkar, AP Chaudhary, AB Chaudhari, YM Gami and HH Panchasara

Impact of different housing modification systems on growth performance and feed intake of Gir calves during winter season

Maya Jat, Ram Prasad Jat, Vinod Bhateshwar, Vinod Kumar Paswan and Hanuman Lal Nehra

Process optimization for the manufacture of red rice (Oryza sativa L.) kheer

Anjali Kumari and Amrita Poonia

A study of centrifugal pressing of curd for paneer production

AK Agrawal, Sapna Jain, KKSandey, C Sahu and SKartikyen