CONTENTS MAY-JUNE 2022 Vol. 75 No. 3, 2022


Effect of storage temperature on quality characteristics of iron fortified milk chocolate
Manpreet Singh, Rekha Chawla and Venus Bansal
Whey removal characteristics during conventional production of chhana
Ammu VK, AD Vairat, PS Minz, AK Singh, Chitranayak, Amit Kumar Juneja
and Dharinkumar Jayswal
Characterization of Ladakhi churpe enriched with apricot and spinach
Anwar Hussain, Sheikh Rafeh Ahmad and Maheshwar Singh Kanwar
Effect of incorporation of Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) carbohydrate derivatives on quality attributes of skim milk
Dnyaneshwar Shinde, B Surendra Nath, Rahila MP and P Heartwin Amladhas
Thermal and electrical energy analysis of scraped surface heat exchanger during Kheer making
Sapna Jain, S Kartikeyan, P Purohit, AG Bhadania, AK Agrawal and C Sahu
Biopreservation of paneer using Chitosan
Waghchaure RS, Khojare AS and Jadhav AB
Quality assessment of milk in supply chain of Parbhani sub-division
Manisha Jawale, Anita Chappalwar and Ashok Devangare
Effect of parity on back fat thickness, body condition score and milk yield in Jersey crossbred cows of lower Gangetic region
Abhishek Paul, Champak Bhakat, Santu Mondal and Ajoy Mandal
Molecular characterization of á-lactalbumin (LALBA) protein in Indian buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Vinay Kumar Mehra, Dhruba Malakar and Satish Kumar
A study on cow welfare vis-à-vis sustainability of gaushalas (cow orphanages)
Ajmer Singh, ML Kamboj and BS Chandel
Production, consumption and marketing of milk in Eastern Region of India: A farm level analysis
Binita Kumari, BS Chandel, Tulika Kumari and Priyanka Lal
Adoption of livestock insurance in Punjab: extent and constraints
Simranjeet Singh, Arjinder Kaur and Kashish
Impact of agromet advisory services on farmers’ operational decisions related to dairy farming in Thiruvananthapuram
Manjusree RV, Sanjit Maiti, Sanchita Garai, Manjunath KV, Mukesh Bhakat, AK Dixit, SK Jha
and KS Kadian
Detection of A1 and A2 milk in Tiruchirappalli District using TANUVAS A1A2 detection kit
V.Jayalalitha, K Shibi Thomas and PN Richard Jagatheesan