CONTENTS September-October 2022



Preservation approaches for milk and milk products: A Review

Tarun Verma, Ankur Aggarwal, Abhishek Dutt Tripathi, Dinesh Chandra Rai and Sukriti Jaspal


Effect of fortification of glycomacropeptides (GMP) on rheological and sensory attributes of probiotic-yoghurt

BP Pushpa, AP Heartwin and HM Jayaprakasha

Effect of alternate culture yoghurt and straining periods on textural and sensory attributes of Greek yoghurts made using buffalo milk

Rachana Desai and Sreeja V

Evaluation of short chain fatty acids production by potent Lactobacillus cultures: an in vitro study

Mitali Makwana, JB Prajapati and Subrota Hati

Preparation of herbal Shrikhand using Catharanthus roseus powder

Shubhendra Singh, Saloni, Aparnna VP and Anil Kumar Chauhan

Effect of different concentrations of Taurine on certain physico -morphological attributes during cryopreservation of Gir bull semen

Chikhaliya PS, Ahlawat AR, Talekar SH and Chaudhary JK

Production and reproduction performance of Tharparkar cattle in arid region of Rajasthan

Subhita, M Nehara, U Pannu, Rashmi and G Choudhary

Genetic analysis of trends in birth weight in Sahiwal Cows maintained in Chhattisgarh

Kaiser Parveen, Mohan Singh, Umesh Singh, TV Raja, K Mukherjee, Deepti Kiran Barwa, Vikas Kumar and Devesh Meshram

Comparative efficacy of three different heat tolerance indices for thermo-adaptability during heat stress in bovines

MM Vaidya, VB Dongre, SA Dhenge, LS Kokate, VN Khandait and SV Singh

Economic analysis of milk production of selected dairy breeds in central region of Bihar

Abhinandan Kumar, BS Chandel, Ajmer Singh, AK Dixit, Gopal Sankhala and Pawan Singh

Strategic framework construction for sustainable livelihood of livestock farmers in drought prone areas: A participatory approach from Odisha

Neela Madhav Patnaik1, BS Meena, Saikat Maji and Priyajoy Kar

Participatory assessment of farmer-led adaptation strategies in livestock rearing to Climate change in eastern Uttar Pradesh

Preeti Yadav,  Sanjit Maiti,  SK Jha, HR Meena, Mukesh Bhakat and AK Dixit


Effect of green Azolla (Azolla pinnata) supplementation on milk production, constituents and fatty acids profile in mid-lactating Barbari goats

Ravindra Kumar, G Abraham, RK Yadav and Arun Verma

Impact of biometric characteristics of udder and teats on milk quality of indigenous dairy cattle

Navav Singh, Sanjita Sharma, Vishnu Sharma, Amit Sharma and Govind Singh Dhakad