Indian J. Dairy Sci. 66(3),2013



Biogenic amines in cheese and emerging approaches for their control

R.Geetha  and V.Prasad



Performance evaluation of solar water heating system assisted surface heat exchanger and its utilization for preparation of paneer

Ruchi Sahu , A.K. Agrawal, S. Karthikeyan and Pranita Sahu

Studies on preparation of ASH Gourd Peda

A.B. Sirsat, A.T. Shinde and R.L. Korake


Genetic evaluation of Murrah buffaloes for life time performances

V. Jamuna, A. K. Chakravarty, C. S. Patil  and  A. K. Gupta

Genetic studies on growth traits in Jamunapari goats of India

Ajoy Mandal, S.S. Tomar, R.Roy and P.K.Rout

Prediction of lifetime performance on the basis of early expressed traits in Tharparkar cattle

Altaf Hussain, A.K Gupta, Manoj M., S.K. Dash, and Shahid Ahmad

Genetic analysis of production and reproduction traits in Surti buffalo on an organized farm.

G. M Pandya.; C. G Joshi.; N Rankd..; V. B. Kharadi ; P.H Vataliya.; P.M Desai.; and J. V.Solanki


Who is benefitting from commercial banks? A case of dairy farmers in Shimoga milk zone of Karnataka

K.B.Vedamurthy, J.P.Dhaka and Smita Sirohi,


Farmers’ perception towards delivery of feed and fodder by dairy cooperatives in western Maharashtra, India

Prakashkumar Rathod, T. R. Nikam, Sariput Landge and Amit Hatey

Knowledge level of dairy farmers regarding scientific calf rearing practices in Kurukshetra district of Haryana

Kavita Rani, Khajan Singh, Ata-Ul-Munim Tak, Kamala Kant, and Sepideh Khamoushi

Training need assessment of dairy farmers

R. N. Singh , D. Ganguli, S. K. Rewani and A. K. Pandey

Stakeholder’s’ perception of constraints in production and procurement of milk in Jammu and Kashmir milk producers co-operative limited

Sajad Ahmed Wani, Gopal Sankhala, Amit Singh and Minu Singh

Technological adoption gap among Murrah buffalo keepers of district Bulandshahr in U.P.

Manoj Kumar, S.D. Singh, Rajbir Singh ,KPS Sangu and  Rajeshwar Dyal


Heritability estimates for first lactation, longevity, life time performance and lifetime production efficiency traits in Jersey cattle

Krishanender Dinesh, Y.P. Thakur1and S. Katoch

Genetic parameters of various first lactation traits in Sahiwal cattle

M Manoj, R S Gandhi, T V Raja, Atul Gupta, A Singh and G K Sachdeva