Optimization and characterization of a value-added fermented ready-to-serve whey-based beverage with high antioxidant potential

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Application of carrot powder in preparation of low-fat frozen yoghurt

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Detection of cotton seed oil in cow ghee using triglyceride profiling

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Listeria monocytogenes isolated from raw milk: Phenotypic and molecular characterization, pathogenicity testing, and multidrug resistance profiling

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Storage related changes in short-set cream cheese manufactured using thermophilic starter culture and direct acidification technique

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Prostasomes as interlocutor for zygotic epigenome health: role of prostasome secretome in maintenance of zygotic epigenome

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Effect of non-genetic factors on semen characteristics of Murrah Bulls under Tropical Condition

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Y-chromosome diversity in dairy bulls of Tamil Nadu

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Effect of varying levels of fibre and starch in calf starters containing finely ground maize grain on the performance of pre-ruminant calves

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Divulging the magnitude of socio-economic empowerment of dairy women in East district of Sikkim

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