VOL. 66 NO. 4, 2013



Developments in whey-based beverages - A Review

Sathish Kumar, M.H, Deepali Saxena and Latha Sabikhi



Development of ready to reconstitute sorghum based fermented milk beverage

Yogesh Khetra, Dharam Pal, S.K. Kanawjia and Subrota Hati


Detection of soybean oil and buffalo depot fat in ghee using normal-phase thin layer chromatography

Anil Kumar, NeelamUpadhyay, Kamal Gandhi, Darshan Lal and Vivek Sharma


Genetic diversity and relationship among Ghumusari, Binjharpuri and Hariana breeds using microsatellite markers

Deepika and Raj Kumar Salar

Identification of novel single nucleotide polymorphisms in meat quality candidate genes of Indian goats

Rekha Sharma,A Maitra and LV Singh

Sperm HOS test score in frieswal bulls and its relationship with morphology, viability and cryo-preservability

D.K. Mandal, S. Tyagi, M. Kumar and Satish Kumar


Impact of women dairy co-operative society on adoption of improved animal husbandry practices

M.L. Meena, Dheeraj Singh and N.K. Sharma

Comparative effectiveness of selected teaching aids in imparting knowledge to Women Self Help Group Members

R. Hari and T. S. Rajeev

Ergonomic Assessment of Dairy Activities Performed by Rural Women of Punjab (India)

Krishna Oberoi and Shivani Sharma

Role of rural women in dairy activities in hilly areas

R. P. Sahu, Vijay Avinashilingam N. A. And N. K. Singh


Genetic and Phenotypic Correlation among First Lactation and Lifetime Performance traits in Jersey Cows

Krishanender Dinesh, Y.P. Thakur, S. Katoch and Varun Sankhyan

Assessment of Motility and Velocity of Frozen-Thawed Bovine Spermatozoa through Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer

J.B. Patel, A.J. Dhami, P.A. Patel and F.P. Savalia

Effect of Hormonal and Herbal Therapies at Calving on Puerperal Events and Plasma Progesterone Profile in Holstein Friesian Cows

B.B. Patel, D.M. Patel, J.A. Patel, A.J. Dhami and N.P. Sarvaiya

Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on Peak Milk Yield of Gir cows and Jaffrabadi Buffaloes

A.R. Ahlawat, S. G. Gajjar. and P. U. Gajbhiye

Seasonal variations in ejaculate characteristics and semen production potential of Sahiwal bulls in tropical climate

Ritesh Tiwari, G.K. Mishra, R.B. Singh, S.U. Rehman, K.S. Rathore, S.K. Saxena and M.U. Siddiqui