VOL. 69 No. 5 (Sept.-Oct. 2016)




Nutritional and nutraceutical properties of goat milk - A review

Harish Kumar, Devbrat Yadav, Naveen Kumar, Raman Seth and Arun Kumar Goyal



Sensory and textural attributes of chhana based dairy spread

Keertana S and Rita Narayanan

Development and characterization of curd fortified by pineapple juice

Priyanka Dutta, Sunita Adhikari , Chaitali Chakraborty, Kakali Bandyopadhyay, Anju Paul and Subhajit Ray

Standardization of method for manufacture of iron fortified probiotic fermented milk

Dharaiya CN,, Pinto SV, Patel SM and Prajapati JB

Barley-pearl millet-milk based complementary food: steady and dynamic oscillatory rheology and application of modified cox-merz rule

Manoj Kumar C.T, Narender Raju Panjagari, Ashish Kumar Singh and Prashant S. Minz

Process optimization for the production of cheese- potato foods

Anuragpal Singh Bisht and Bikash C. Ghosh


In vitro characterization of probiotic properties of a novel strain Lactobacillus crustorum F11 isolated from human milk

Shweta Handa and Nivedita Sharma


Mitigation of enteric methane emissions using residual feed intake in dairy cattle

Kuldeep Dudi and Chander Datt


Pre-weaning performance and variable cost of rearing of Sunandini replacement dairy calves in an organized farm of Kerala pre-weaning calf performance and variable cost of rearing

Marykutty Thomas, Raja. T.V. and Manju Sasidharan


Estimation of cost for production of Aloe vera supplemented probiotic ice cream

Vidhu Yadav, RRB Singh and Shaik Abdul Hussain

Spatial and temporal dynamics of bovine wealth in India: An Economic Analysis

Sserunjogi B and Parminder Kaur

Determination of factors influencing consumption pattern of ghee in Bengaluru market: An application of logistic regression analysis

Sunilkumar, M.Sivaram and P.K. Dixit

Economics of milk production and its constraints in Mizoram

Lalrinsangpuii, R. Malhotraand L. Priscilla


Change in the livelihood patterns of the farm households in the peri-urban area of Bengaluru

K.N. Ravi and K. Ponnusamy

Response of rural cattle to Artificial Insemination in Jharkhand

A.K. Pandey, M.P. Singh, S.K. Bansal and S.B. Gokhale

Constraints encountered by the dairy farmers in the drought affected Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh

Gopal Sankhala, Manesh Singh, Kamala Kant and Kamta Prasad


Effect of pre-milking udder stimulation on milk parameters in crossbred cows

Kuladip Prakash Shinde, Ramesh Pandey, Neeraj and Shailesh Kumar Gupta

Adoption Level of Recommended Buffalo Husbandry Practices by Dairy Farmers in Uttar Pradesh

Ranjana Sachan, Gopal Sankhala, Rakesh Roy and Jyoti Manjusha

Role Performance of Lay Inseminators in Karnal district of Haryana

Shruti, S.K. Jha, S.P. Lal, M. Bhaka and K. Morya

Simplex PCR assay for detection of cow milk presence in goat milk

Tanmay Hazra, Vivek Sharma, Rekha Sharma, and Sumit Arora