January- February 2017 (Vol. 70 No.1, 2017)



A Review on mechanization of traditional dairy products

Gopika Talwar and Sandeeppal Kaur Brar



Utilization of paneer whey in ice candy type frozen dessert

SC Parmar, AK Jain, AI Shaikh, AJ Gokhale,DH Patel and KD Aparnathi

Utilization of goat milk for the preparation of paneer

Viji KS, K Radha and SN Raja Kumar

Effect of fortification palm oil with some spices on physico-chemical composition, microbiological analysis, sensory evaluation and economic study of Tallaga-like cheese

Hamad, MNF, Eman M Taha and Walaa M Mohamed

Preparation of carrot halwa with aspartame and storage

AS Vairagade, MR Patil, HM Gawandeand AV Dhotre

Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf life of Chhana Jalebi: An Indian milk based confection

Geetha. P, Arivazaghan. R and Esther Magdalene Sharon. M

Effect of storage condition on sensory and microbial characteristics of aerobically packaged low fat milk nuggets prepared with skim milk coagulum and finger millet flour

Jyanendr Kumar Shahi, Sanjeev Kumar Roy, Geeta Chauhan, Pankaj Kumar,Rakesh Kumar and Sujit Kumar Behera

Preparation and standardization of fortified milk beverage (FMB)

Roma Satti , Anuradha Gandotra and Shallu


A study on compositional characteristics of pumpkin based reconstituted Kheer

Shaikh Adil, SP Changade, AV Dhotre and RP Datir

HPLC determination of polydextrose in fortified milk

N Veena and B Surendra Nath

Development of competitive indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of cephalexin residues in milk

Kiran Lata, Laxmana Naik N, Rajan Sharma, Arvind Jaiswal, Bimlesh Mann and YS Rajput

A study on the physico-chemical changes occurring in ghee (butter oil) during storage

Saurabh Gosewade, Kamal Gandhi, Suvartan Ranvir and Anil Kumar


Immunomodulatory effects of oral administration of Aloe vera supplemented probiotic ice cream in mice

Vidhu Yadav, RRB Singh, Shaik Abdul Hussain and Suman Kapila


Seasonal variation in skin temperature, blood flow and physiological functions in Zebu (Bos Indicus) and Karan Fries (Tharparkar X Holstein Friesian) cattle

SV Singh, Rajni Devi, Yogendra Kumar, Renuka and RC Upadhyay


Vulnerability of dairy based livelihoods to climate variability and change: a study of Western Ghat ecosystem

Aparna Radhakrishnan, Jancy Gupta and Dileepkumar R

Status of cattle and buffalo insurance scheme in Gorakhpur district, Uttar Pradesh

Mohd. Ameer Khan, Mahesh Chanderand D Bardhan


Studies on utilization of milk for extraction of polyphenols from date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Kakali Bandyopadhyay, Sampurna Guhathakurta and Chaitali Chakraborty

Quality of multigrain biscuits prepared by incorporation of concentrated whey

Ravi Chauhan, Satish Kulkarni and Harin Sutariya

Effect of milk fat replacement with linseed oil rice bran wax organogel on physico chemical characteristics of dietetic ice cream

S Banupriya, A Elango, N Karthikeyan, and C Kathirvelan

The use of infrared skin temperature measurements for monitoring heat stress and welfare of crossbred cattle

Brijesh Yadav, Gyanendra Singhand Alok Wankar