Packaging innovations for Effective dairy supply chain management – A  Review

Sangita Ganguly, P Narender Raju and K Hanumantha Rao



Textural and physico-chemical analysis of paneer prepared by automated pressing technique

Chitranayak, Manjunatha M, Mahesh Kumar G, M Rekha R, V Amita, PS Minz and K Jayaraj Rao

Changes in sensory and physico-chemical attributes of low sodium mozzarella cheese during storage

Dinesh H Marwade, SK Kanawjia, Yogesh Khetra, Ritika Puri, Anindita Debnath and HR Gupta

Texture, meltability, color and sensory properties of processed cheese as affected by the addition of inulin

Syed Mansha Rafiq and Bikash C Ghosh

Acceptability of thermized shrikhand during storage at ambient temperature (37 ± 2°C)

Anant V Dhotre and AG Bhadania

Combined effect of herbal essential oil and in-package microwave thermization treatment on shelf life of burfi

Richa Badola, Narender Raju Panjagari, Ram Ran Bijoy Singh, Ashish Kumar Singh and Writdhama G Prasad

Effect of inulin and Bif. longum ATCC15708 on some properties of low fat flavored stirred yoghurt

SH Taha, MM El Abd, EM Khalil and DF Hassan

Estimation of production cost for cream cheese and low fat cream cheese incorporated with inulin and phytosterol ester

Anindita Debnath, SK Kanawjia, Yogesh Khetra, Bhopal Singh and Jui Lodh

Development of technology for the manufacture of pumpkin ice cream

Anant S Kulkarni, Dineshchandra C Joshi, Govind Tagalpallewa and Kunal M Gawai

Feasibility studies on the flavour masking ability of double emulsion spread for effective encapsulation of guggul extract

Heena Lamba, Latha Sabikhi, Sathish Kumar MH, Dipesh Aggarwal and Hari Ram Gupta

Effect of storage on the physico-chemical characteristics and stability of fiber enriched, reduced calorie biscuit

Dipesh Aggarwal, Latha Sabikhi, Sathish Kumar MH, Ashish Kumar Singh, Sumit Arora, Heena Lamba and Hari Ram Gupta


Utilization of concentrated paneer whey in the preparation of dahi

S Raghavendra, N Veena, B Surendra Nath and P Heartwin Amaladhas


Isolation and characterization of predominant lactococci from ‘O’ type mixed strain starters

Diwas Pradhan and Rameshwar Singh

Cumulative effect of nisin and modified atmosphere packaging on microbial count of dietetic and fiber enriched Lal Peda

BC Andhare, DC Rai, Tanweer Alam and Aastha Bhardwaj


Comparison of genetic parameters of first lactation 305 day milk yield using single versus  multi-trait animal models in Murrah buffaloes

Saleem Yousuf, Avtar Singh, AK Gupta, Manvendra Singh, Soumya Dash and MA Mir

Determining effects of some factors on birth weight and survival rates of Holstein calves

Adnan Unalan and Ertan Yazgan

Estimation of genetic and phenotypic trends of first lactation reproduction traits in Phule Triveni cattle of Maharashtra

GS Ambhore, Avtar Singh, DK Deokar, Manvendra Singh and SK Sahoo

Estimates of genetic parameters for milk and milk constituent’s yield traits in Sahiwal cattle

Rakesh Kumar Verma, AK Gupta, Manoj Kumar and Poonam Ratwan

Comparison of sire evaluation methods for lactation yield, lactation length and calving interval in Frieswal cattle

Parineeta Kakati, Ashish C Patel, Swapnil Gajjar, PK Bahuguna, RS Joshi and DN Rank


Effect of feeding green fodder based diet in lactating buffaloes: Milk production, economics and methane emission

SA Hossain, PL Sherasia, BT Phondba, FK Pathan and MR Garg


Efficiency of milk marketing channels in small and medium sized dairy farms in Punjab

Ravneet Singh Brar, Inderpreet Kaur, Varinder Pal Singh and Shruti Chopra

Impact of dairying on income and income distribution of small holder dairy farmers in Punjab

Kashish, Manjeet Kaur, MK Sekhon and Vikrant Dhawan


Variability in test day milk yield and milk composition at day 15 and 60 of lactation in Surti and Jaffarabadi buffaloes

GM Pandya, UV Ramani, Mamta Janmeda, KK Tyagi, VB Kharadi, NS Dangar, PU Gajbhiye, and BP Brahmkshtri