CONTENTS VOL.71 NO.5, 2018 (September-October)



Effect of temperature on performance of qualitative tests for detection of common adulterants and preservatives in milk

Priyanka R Chaudhari, Pooja V Kakade, SI Patel, AI Shaikh and KD Aparnathi

Evaluation of effect of heating medium on the performance of a size reduction grid attached to a butter melter

Aswin SWarrier, IK Sawhney and PS Minz

Effect of oat bran and barley grain addition on physico-chemical and organoleptic properties of Shrikhand

K Uma, BV Balasubramanyam, F Magdaline Eljeeva Emerald and Vimala R

Detection of groundnut oil and goat body fat adulteration in ghee using principal component analysis on fatty acid profile

Neelam Upadhyay, Anil Kumar, Darshan Lal, Ravi Kant and Ankit Goyal

Application of electrolyzed oxidized (EO) water in biodecontamination of packaging materials used in dairy and food industry

SubrotaHati, Maulik Patel and JB Prajapati


Effect of temperature humidity index on milk production performance of Sahiwal ows

Kaiser Parveen, AK Gupta, RS Gandhi, OssamaKalim and Shabahat Mumtaz

Alteration of micro-environment of animal shed through roof insulation by paddy straw - its seasonal efficacy and physiological impacts on Jersey crossbred cows

DK Mandal, Dharma Sahu, A Mandal, A Chatterjee, C Bhakat, Saroj Rai, M Karunakaran and TK Dutta

Non-genetic factors affecting lactation milk yield and estimation of genetic, environmental and phenotypic trends in Surti buffalo

V Pawar, B Brahmkshtri, GM Pandya, M Janmeda, NS Dangar, J Bayan and K Tyagi


Perception of dairy farmers about Gangatiri cattle rearing in eastern Uttar Pradesh

Puspendra Kumar Singh, Gopal Sankhala and PK Singh,

Value chain analysis of input delivery system for liquid milk in Bengaluru milk union of Karnataka

M Vanishree, R Sendhil, Smitha Sirohi, AK Chauhan, HM Rashmi, and K Ponnusamy

Patterns and determinants of organized dairy industry growth: A panel study

Shiv Raj Singh and KK Datta

The duo of dairy sector: spatio-temporal analysis and causality of milk and ghee prices in India

SK Singh and BS Chandel


Characterization of microbial risk level of liquid waste from a private dairy factory in Bechar

(Southwest of Algeria).

Elhassan Benyagoub, NouriaNabbou and Farah Bendada

Genetic polymorphism of β-casein (CSN2) in Indian Zebu and HF crossbreds

VB Jawane, S Sajid Ali, SV Kuralkar and PS Bankar

Association analysis of differential expression of beta defensins with mastitis in indicine dairy cattle

Ankita Gurao, RS Kataria, Ravinder Singh, Ravi D Kumar, SK Mishraand SK Kashyap