CONTENTS (VOLUME 72 NO.1, 2019) Jan.-Feb.2019



Sources and impact of Arsenic poisoning in livestock and its amelioration strategies in India

T K Dutta, Debasis Satpathy, A Chatterjee and DK Mandal



Development of method for detection and quantification of foreign oils and fats in ghee (heat clarified milk fat) using FT NIR spectroscopy coupled with chemometric

KD Aparnathi, Saurabh Sharma,vBency Antony and Bhavbhuti M Mehta

Evaluation of techno-functional attributes of starter culture for preparation of Greek- style yogurt

Jyoti and Surajit Mandal

Predictive models for the growth of Cronobacter sakazakii in reconstituted powdered infant formula

Audrey Wesseling, Padmanabha Reddy Velugoti, Jeyamkondan Subbiah and Harshavardhan Thippareddi

Qualitative and quantitative examination of bacosides and calcium in calcium enriched herbal ice cream by HPLC and AAS

MD Baig, SN Rajakumar, AK Beena, KA Gopalakrishnan and M Dharani

Evaluation of rheological, physicochemical, and sensory properties of apple incorporated yoghurt

Chaitali Chakraborty, Suparna Mukherjee and Srijanee Biswas

Evaporative performance of single tube and multi tube falling film evaporator prototypes for molten butter: an experimental study

Gaurav S Wale, Pradyuman Barnwal, Ankit Deep and Rahul S Barge

Efficacy of selected herbs for their potential antioxidant activity in burfi an Indian sweetmeat

Writdhama Prasad, Kaushik Khamrui, Gunvantsinh Rathod, Richa Badola and Hari Ram Gupta

Preparation of lactose hydrolysed milk using β-galactosidase enzyme extracted from potential Lactobacillus cultures

Shrushti Makwana, Subrota Hati and HM Modha


Effect of polyherbal mixture supplementation on incidence of mastitis and milk production in postpartum Murrah buffaloes

K Puhle Japheth, A Kumaresan, Bilal Ahmad Ganaie, PS Oberoi, SS Lathwal and Pawan Singh

Estimation of non-genetic factors for first lactation 305 days and lifetime milk yield in Sahiwal cattle

Manjari Pandey, Raja KN, Saleem Yousuf and AK Gupta

Effect of testicular consistency on semen quality of Murrah buffalo breeding bulls

Satendra Kumar Yadav, Pawan Singh and Navav Singh


Economic study of gaushalas in Haryana: functioning and profitability

Shweta Bijla and Ajmer Singh

Tracking the evolution of dairy innovation system in Kerala

Sreeram Vishnu, Jancy Gupta and Shyam Suraj SR


Seasonal variations in physiological response and heat tolerance indices of Sahiwal, HF x Sahwial crossbred and Hill (Badri) cattle under farm conditions of Uttarakhand

Raoof Ahmad Patoo, Devi Vrath Singh, Prawaz Ahmad Dar, Anees Ahmad Shah, Sheikh Adil, and Suheela Nazir

The quality of sheep milk and its products

YP Gadekar, AK Shinde, Gauri Jairath and RS Bhatt